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Ironman East London 2013

Pre-event sports massage and taping will be available at registration on the following dates: 17/01/2013, 18/01/2013,19/01/2013. Bookings can be made prior to the time at the following number: 0834192872, Marika Gerber.

According to Mills, Darker- Bennet, anyone that participates in regular physical activity, be it on professional, competive or amateur level or just participating for fun will at some point undoudtedly encounter soft tissue problems. This is where we as sports massage therapists play a role. Our role will be to try and prevent these problems from occuring, or try to reduce the risk of injury or to reduce the risk of injury.


The three aims of sports massage are:

  • To enhance a sports persons performance
  • To prevent injury
  • To aid in recovery after an event

Sports massage can enhance the physical, physiological ans psychological well being of an athlete.


Physical enhancement:

  • To mobilize fibers
  • To stretch soft tissue
  • To loosen adhesions
  • To improve blood and lymph circulation
  • To improve flexibility
  • To reduce swelling
  • To relieve muscle tension

Physiological enhancement:

  • To increase blood circulation
  • To increase lymphatic flow
  • To enhance muscle relaxation
  • To improve range of motion around a joint
  • To promote healing
  • To aid in the removal of waste products
  • To reduce pain

Psychological enhancement:

  • To reduce tension and anxiety
  • To reduce pain
  • To stimulate
  • To mentally relax an athlete
  • To prepare the athlete for the challange ahead

Pre-event massage:

This is a massage that is performed before an event or activity on all major muscle groups to be used. This will aid the athlete in preparing for the challange ahead, both physically and mentally.

Aims of pre-event massage:

  • To raise the core tempreture of muscles thus helping the athlete to warm up
  • To stretch the tissue- this is to minimize injury and to maximize performance
  • To increase the range of motion, to improve joint mobility and to increase blood circulation
  • To prepare the athlete both physically and mentally before the event

Post - event massage:

  • A post - event massage can be performed after the cool - down of an athlete or instead of the cool - down. It will help the muscle/body to recover from the stress that has been placed upon it. 

Aim of post - event massage:

  • To accelerate the recovery process after an event
  • To remove waste products from the muscle tissues
  • To stretch the muscle tissues
  • To help reduce the discomfort and pain associated with delayed onset of muscle soreness

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